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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that is downloaded to your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) when you browse a website. Cookies serve a variety of purposes. For example, they record your language preferences for the website, collect information about your browsing habits and send you personalised services.

Only the organisation that issued a cookie can read, record or edit the information it contains.

Different types of cookies can be stored by a website. They serve different purposes, as described below.

Cookies necessary for the site to operate

These cookies are essential for visitors to browse our site.

Without these cookies, you will not be able to use our site properly. We advise you not to delete them.

They guarantee you a secure connection and help you get the most out of the site's configuration.

Our site uses:

  • social plugins. This lets us add functionalities to our web pages so users can easily share content from our site on the various social platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter).

For them to work, these functionalities download third-party cookies to your device.

Functionality cookies are currently: