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Exclusive: a new tool for professionals, a new digital sharing trick for everyone!

The web service OpenCréa Learning unveiled at the HR Solutions & E-learning exhibition in Paris in March 2015 completely reinvents the creation of professional content for online training courses in order to make it universal beyond the simple training use of this service!

The web service is the fruit of hard-thinking by the team in charge of the Tree Learning software suite and was several months in the making. First of all – how do you facilitate e-learning content creation, for which the first version of the editor tool was rolled out five years ago to professionals in the training business? Then, a vision was naturally born: how do you make the creation and dissemination of all types of content accessible universally? Ambitious, but realistic at a time where information, knowledge and expertise are abundant and booming on the web and social media sites.


Extra simple interface adapted to new uses

With OpenCréa Learning, you can create dynamic presentations with great simplicity which make a change from the usual PowerPoint presentations. No technical skill or training is required, let alone a tutorial as is the case for the use of other online services which often have a complex construction logic and aren’t really user-friendly.

Opening OpenCréa Learning for the very first time is reassuring. The interface is minimalistic and practical. In this case, the content is emphasised – notthe web tool.

With regards to the construction technique: it’s very simple! The tool manages the graphics of the content for you and the technical integrations are done automatically and in all transparency with a simple dag-and-drop.

OpenCréa Learning distinguishes itself with the option of adding text, images, audio and video content as well as web objects to the presentations – an original way to showcase content and to make visuals more dynamic using effects for learners.

Unlimited use

OpenCréa Learning goes far beyond the simple realm of training, it accessible to everybody who wants to stage their ideas: professional presentations, CVs, holiday souvenirs, personal hobbies…

Usable after a simple online registration, the long-term goal is to manage and offer maximum user feedback in order to set up a universal online library of content accessible to everyone. The created content is made available under a Creative Commons contract.

The race for creativity is on! Click here.


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