Créa Learning: eLearning authoring tool

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Créa Learning: the easiest and most intuitive eLearning authoring tool in the market.

Ready to make the switch to eLearning? You'll need an authoring tool to create your content. With Créa Learning, choose an all-in-one solution that meets universally-accepted standards (the SCORM format).

Simply drag and drop to build modules with rich multimedia content and design varied questionnaires for learner assessment.

An easy-to-use but professional tool.

Créa Learning is suitable for all levels of IT expertise. Don't worry if you or your employees and trainers are not experts in the matter! Our authoring tool is eminently easy to use. Simple but comprehensive, and tailored for professional usage. With this collaborative tool, you can pool your resources and have several trainers working on the same module.

Export your work in the SCORM format, then import your modules into a compatible learning management system (LMS) for easy delivery to learners. This will give you detailed feedback on learner progress and a simple way to process the answers to questionnaires and quizzes.

Spotlighting content.

Créa Learning is designed to help you create high value-added modules quickly. Use it to insert a wide variety of objects, including videos, sounds, documents (PDF, Word, etc.), illustrations or embedded objects (Google Maps, YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations and more). And to top it all off, with just a webcam and a mike, you can record your videos and sounds directly through the platform.

With Créa Learning, make your content stand out with customisable, ready-to-use "looks" designed for every area of training. They are also in responsive design, so adjust to the size of the learner's screen (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Créa Learning is the perfect software tool for creating effective eLearning courses, putting you in the driver's seat for producing powerful training tools.

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Créa Learning features

  • Easy to use

    Créa Learning software is intuitive and easy to use, so users, whether IT novices or experts, can be up and running quickly.

  • Fun and educational

    To liven up the course and assess your learners, add quizzes and questionnaires.

  • Universally-accepted standards

    With Créa Learning, build modules using the SCORM format that are easy to import into learning management systems.

  • Embedding made easy

    Add rich content to your module by simply and easily embedding online content: Google Maps, YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations and more.

  • Audio and video recording

    Save valuable time by recording your sounds and videos directly and easily on Créa Learning.

  • A wide choice of templates

    Choose from dozens of ready-to-use templates suitable for your area of training.

  • Multi-device

    With a responsive design approach, your training courses can be offered over a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Multi-user

    Give each user suitable access on the three software programs in the Tree Learning suite.